OPHIS “Effigies Of Desolation”

“Effigies Of Desolation”
(Cyclone Empire)
I like funeral doom. I like the really slow doomy metal that almost comes to a halt between the beats. It might not be the kind of music you play when you want to seduce a woman but it sure works as a relaxer, at least for me. That this is going to be anything but a happy record is a given. Collecting an –EP and an album from early on in the bands career this is a great opportunity to get to know a band that I had no idea existed before I got sent this one. This is metal that you need to be patient with. It doesn’t reveal itself in large chunks. You gotta let it evolve over time to get the right feel for it. This is like a procession on its way to your burial. You gotta let people get a chance to mourn you on your way to your final resting ground. I simply love funeral doom. The slower the better and this is pretty good stuff. Why haven’t I heard of this lot before???? Anders Ekdahl

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