I reviewed this album for a Swedish zine when it was released in the late 90s and as far as I can remember I liked it back then. Now it gets a rerelease and it still holds up. It is just as good as it was back then. Ophthalamia was never just another black metal band. Not on “Dominion” or on any of their other albums. There was always way more to their sound to be type casted as this or that. They managed to mix the primal with the symphonic, the raw with the sombre. And they made music that has become timeless. Describing Ophthalmia in ordinary black metal terms will not be done. This is music that goes beyond any restrictions. This is metal, pure and simple. If you missed out on the album the first time round you ought to rush out and buy it. For the rest of us that do remember it there’s only one thing to do; buy another copy of it – this time with different art work. Anders Ekdahl

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