OPOSSUM HOLLER “It Comes In Threes”

“It Comes In Threes”
I don’t know why but somehow I got the idea that a band from Kentucky that doesn’t play country gotta be worth checking out no matter what kind of metal they play. So when OPOSSUM HOLLER are being described as a cross between rock, punk and doom they sure got my attention. This could be so cool. There is something special to a three piece band. Three people playing music together. No messing about. Just think of Motorhead or Raven. OPOSSUM HOLLER have more of a stoner kind of sound but with that vitality of a three-piece. This is only an EP but it shows enough promise to keep an eye out for it. I like the groove that this lot has going for them. It makes you happy listening to this. Anders Ekdahl

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