OPRICH “Birdless Heavens”

”Birdless Heavens”
(Casus Belli Musica)
Another band that is totally unknown to me. And as per usual I approach this band with a completely open mind set. You never know when you’ll stumble upon another great act. OPRICH might very well be my new faves. Only time will tell. I don’t know what it is with Russian bands and pagans but there seems to be an abundance of these kinds of bands. And they all seem to be so sad and epic at the same time. Like there’s no future but hard labour and little reward. That all is grey and colourless. Musically OPRICH offers us a very bleak sound. If you are prone to depression you should stay away from this. Having listened to it doesn’t make you happy. This is like reading a scientific report on the state of the countryside in the 1930s. All dirt and no sunshine. But I can’t help liking this. There is a feel to it that entices me. Anders Ekdahl

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