Orden Ogan – “The Book Of Ogan”


Orden Ogan – “The Book Of Ogan” 2DVD / 2CD (AFM Records)

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If you’re a fan of catchy, melodic power metal especially with prog, symphonic and folkish elements, then this monster box set from German band Orden Ogan may be just what you’re looking – although you’ll probably need a long weekend to get through it all ha ha! Capitalizing on the success of their acclaimed 2015 release “Ravenhead”, and as they currently undertake yet another European tour, this 2 DVD / 2 CD package pretty much gives both old and new fans a definitive best of history of the band. According to founder vocalist / guitarist Seeb Levermann, the idea grew from fan demand for a live DVD, and then mushroomed as nostalgic material of previous band members, archive footage and forgotten releases soon came flowing to the surface. DVD 1 is a documentary on the history of the band, along 8 music videos and of course, bonus material. DVD 2 is two full live shows at Rock Harz and at the Brose Arena Bamberg in 2015, more bonus live material, and along with the first DVD has a total run time of around 6 hours. CD1 is an exclusive compilation consisting of 14 songs taken from the albums “Vale”, “Easton Hope”, “To The End” and the aforementioned “Ravenhead” while the real treat for long time fans is in CD2! “Testimonium A.D.“ was the band’s self released demo back in 2004, copies of which today sell for 500 Euros – way OTT even by Seeb’s standards and especially for the band’s fans to pay. As such the full 7 tracker has been released again here as an exclusive bonus – a truly special treat and finger in the eye for the profiteers! Completed by a 40 page booklet, it is the perfect accompaniment to classics like ‘The Things We Believe In’ and ‘A Reason To Give’, but also long forgotten greats like ‘Y, U, Id Ant My’ in this epic scale tale of the band!

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