Order OV RIVEN CAHTEDRALS “Göbekli Tepe”

“Göbekli Tepe”

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Technical Italian death metal is not something that I come upon too often. I honestly cannot remember the last time it happened. That is how long ago it was. But ORDER OV RIVEN CATHEDRALS are just that, technical Italian death metal. And as always with my min d up pops the most unlikely reference. But when I listen to this I come to think of UK’s Akercocke. Not that they even operate within the same sort of genres but there is that same kinda dark, mysterious vibe to this that there is to Akercocke. Musically this reminds me of a Deicide or Morbid Angel that has overdosed on technical wizardry. With a symphonic touch. A really cool death metal release if you don’t mind all the technical tomfoolery. Anders Ekdahl

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