Organic – “Carved In Flesh”

Organic – “Carved In Flesh” (Testimony Records) 
Battle Helm Rating
Wow, these guys might be from the Italian province of South Tyrol, but they play old school Boss HM-2 Swe-deth that would cause an avalanche! Formed in 2013, the band released their first EP “Death Battalion” in 2014 and constantly performed live over the years, which certainly shows on the 11 sterling tracks delivered with excellent precision tightness and lashings of brutality!! A four piece who deliver a massive sound comparable to larger bands, expect full marks on the trademark sound of predatory growls, dirty syrup thick riffs along with nasty solos, distorted bass, and needless to say, hammering double bass drums. ‘Der Fotzenknecht’ is nothing short of sandpaper being rubbed in your face, that is, before the nuclear drums from Lukas Hofer drives this short song relentlessly to a catchy beat in all its bloody glory. ‘I, Soulless’ contrasts by starting off eerily through creepy Benni Leiter’s darkly atmospheric guitar, but then the shredding starts…and the chopping rhythms soon have you grooving in bliss as Maxi Careri’s bestial roars build the song with the slow distortion resonating all around before ending as grimly as it started. Hammering in with massive bass ballast from Markus Walder on ‘Macabre Rites’, Hofer is literally smashing the shit out’ve his kit before this epic song slows into full on death n roll and an even slower headbanging passage completed with warbling guitar work. The way this track ebbs and flows is awesome, as controlled by the really tight musicianship that can only be attained through live experience which this young band appear to have amassed. An excellent debut as beautiful as the Alps themselves.
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