ORION DUST “Duality”


Battle Helm Rating

A progressive French rock band? Does that sound like your thing? I gotta admit that I am a bit of a Francophile when it come to music. Or movies for that matter. I have a very good eye/ear towards things that are French. That means that it must be atrociously bad for me to not like it. ORION DUST are nowhere close to being atrociously. This is in fact really good if you like your rock/metal progressive. It’s not widdly diddly the way that you get lost already by the first track. That is a plus in my book. If it is easy to follow it is easy to remember. I sometimes get too lost trying to follow Dream Theater for example. There is a slight 70s feel to “Duality”. Mix that with present day and you get a band that is both light and heavy. I think that is the part I like the most about this album, the duality. Anders Ekdahl

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