ORMYST “Arcane Dreams”

“Arcane Dreams”
(M&O Music)

Battle Helm Rating

Symphonic prog metal sounds like my kind of metal. Well all metal is good metal in my ears but there is something special when it goes all OTT and you almost gotta fight it off to be able to take you through one single track, let alone a full album. With bands like Epica and Nightswish being mentioned in the same breath as this French band they have set the bar high. The first track has a very strange, almost Chinese vibe to it. Can’t really see Nightwish in that track apart from the somewhat operatic vocals. That this is progressive there is no question about. It is all over the place but somehow they manage to keep it all together making it a really cool metal record. If anything this is an interesting band that I’ll keep my eye (ear?) on for the future. Anders Ekdahl

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