OSCULUM INFAME ”The Axis Of Blood”

”The Axis Of Blood”
(Battlesk’rs Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

When I search the site for this band I come up empty yet I got a nagging feeling that this is a band that I have done something with before. But then my memory is as messed up as it can be without me being a total vegetable. This French black metal band has been around the block a few times by now yet this is only their second album, following on the debut “Dor-Nu-Fauglith” from 18 years ago. So how does this sound like? As I haven’t heard the debut, or if I have I don’t remember it but to my ears this is black metal in the classic Mayhem school with the added touch of more drama. If there ever were a term like intellectual black metal then that would be the one I’d use to describe this. This is very controlled in all its chaos. A really cool piece of black metal that I will take with me for a long time. Anders Ekdahl

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