Oskord – “Weapon Of Hope”

Oskord – “Weapon Of Hope” (Soundmass Records)

Hailing from the Ukraine, Oskord are named after a Slavic war axe based on their beliefs in spiritual weapons of God! Essentially playing folk metal, these guys are similar to Russia’s Arkona, only more folk possessing some of most magically medieval melodies to pass my ears for a long time. Vocalist Pavel Smirnov can growl all he wants, but it’s Andrey Yakovenko’s flutes and whistles that truly drive the band on pulsating songs like ‘Salvation Ark’, ‘Temptation Of The Righteous One’ and ‘The Waters Of Meribah’. Amidst the two are the guitars Sergey Nagorny and Max Kiprov that provide even more melody as well as heaviness – overall, it’s an epic sound befitting the band’s strong Biblical beliefs. Although I would imagine Oskord are unknown in the more established metal countries they’ve done the right thing to tour in Belarus, Switzerland, Moldova, Finland, Poland and The Czech Republic so I can’t wait to see more of this promising band!

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