Oslo Ess – “Alle Hjerter Deler Seg”


Oslo Ess – “Alle Hjerter Deler Seg” (Indie Recordings)

Since we last heard them on their second studio album “Verden på nakken, venner i ryggen” in 2012, it seems that nothing can stop these Norwegian punks having released 5 radio-hits, set a national record in playing the most shows in a year (200), been nominated for a Norwegian Grammy and hit #1 on the national sales charts! Now a national name in their home country, this 3rd album takes Oslo Ess back to their punk roots, with the tracks being made up of new material as well as tracks from Åsmund Lande and Peter Larsson’s previous band – Upstart. The raging opener ‘Stormen’ takes right off where the previous album left, not surprising once you know it was written at the same time whereas ‘Down At The Docks’ lends heavily from the Dropkick Murphys, with heaps of fiery punk mixed with burning heart guitar melodies and rousing choruses. With the quieter moments being provided by the ska punk ‘Det Brenner Under Beina Mine‘ and the heartfelt keyboards of ‘Leiter Etter Jobb‘ Oslo Ess show their true measure in being able to cover a wide spectrum respectfully before closing out on the sunshine rock of ‘I Skrivende Stund‘. I haveta say this is a brave step for these guys, as most people would’ve expected something more commercial to grab their moment of success. But hero punks to the end Oslo Ess have opted instead to bring their nation to their roots of punk rock, so kudos to them for not selling out – I guess there is some social justice out there after all.

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