OSMIUM “The Misery Harvest”

“The Misery Harvest”
I’m a huge fan of Soundgarden and Black Sabbath. That the latter influenced the former there is no doubt about. So when a band comes along that bridge the gap between these two bands I can but not to love it. Osmium form New Zealand blew my socks off from the very first note I heard. This wasn’t like anything I had heard in very long time. With the heaviness of Black Sabbath (and any other band influenced by the GODS) and the melodic sensibility of Soundgarden this turned out to be a very fine amalgamation of heaviness and melodies. You might hear something completely different in the music but that is the charm of this album. Whether you like the heavy doomy end of the spectre or the more melodic side of things doomy you’ll find it here. If you fancy your music light-hearted and cheerful you’re in the wrong place. For the rest of us this could very well be the closest to doom heaven we’ll get this year. Anders Ekdahl

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