OSSERP “Al meu pas s’alça la mort”

”Al meu pas s’alça la mort”
(Hecatombe Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Okay, this might not be the newest record to come my way but I don’t really care about stuff like that (which begs the question why I even mentioned it in the first place). All I care about is if I can get my fix of metal from it, and boy do I get my fix satisfied with this record from Barcelona’s OSSERP. This is one massive slab of death metal. Which begs the question; why haven’t this come to me earlier having been released at the end of 2017. This is a really cool album full of death metal that totally blows you away. Simple but not dumb death metal. With an attack that will just destroy you. I love this kind of stuff. I could listen to it all day and night and never tire of it. I am glad that I got to hear this. Anders Ekdahl

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