OSSUARY INSANE “Decimation Of The Flesh”

”Decimation Of The Flesh”
(Blood Harvest)

Battle Helm Rating

Whenever a band makes me think of Confessor a warm and cozy feeling spreads inside of me. OSSUARY INSANE are so far from the technical thrash that Confessor played but there is that same vibe going in the death metal that this band play. This is some sort of compilation that collects OSSUSARY INSANE’s debut demo “Fallen to the Pits” (as Ossuary) from 1995 as well as the very last thing that they did record in 2006, the “Bottom Feeder” promo. I gotta admit that I do not remember this band from back in the days. I might have read about them, but I never gotten around to checking them out. But hearing this today I feel that I would have liked the debut demo back then. Even the last thing that they did record wets my appetite. This is classic death metal that needs to be documented for the future. Anders Ekdahl

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