OTOÑO “Winter Land Metal”

“Winter Metal Land”
OTOÑO might be a hard word to pronounce correctly but hopefully the music will be easier to understand. Coming from nowhere to be a part of my conscious OTOÑO turned out to be a strange beast. From reading up on them and seeing their back catalogue I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Are they for real or what? I picked one album from their bandcamp.com page to listen to and write about. But I still don’t know what to think of the band. I really like what I hear musically. Even if this turned out to be somewhat of a Christmas album. I have no idea what to compare them to. The closest band I can think of is Hammer of Misfortunes. But I need to hear something that isn’t a Christmas album to get a fuller picture. Perhaps I was wrong in picking this album but for what it is it is a pretty cool album. If I’d buy a Christmas album I’d buy this. If the rest of this bands material is as good as this then I’m a fan, period. Anders Ekdahl

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