OTRA CARA ” El Valor del Tiempo”

” El Valor del Tiempo”
(Warner Music Spain)

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Spain is very much a blank spot when it comes to hardrock/heavy metal. I occasional get sent stuff. Nowadays much more often than before but it still feels like there are so much more to explore when it comes to stuff that isn’t extreme metal. OTRA CARA is the latest to come my way. There is a sort of modern touch to this that I like. It is not entirely traditional hardrock/metal.
One of my fave bands are Spain’s Heroes Del Silencio. This is nothing like that. But it is still good stuff. I don’t know if it is that they sing in Spanish that does it but there is a different vibe to this. if I were to place it in any genre I would have to say that this is up-dated hardrock. Hardrock with a bite. There is an edge to this that appeals to me. Add to that the melodies you just want to sing along to and you have a cool album. Anders Ekdahl

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