Our Famous Dead – “I Am Human”

Our Famous Dead
“I Am Human” EP

Not very much goes on in Cumbria. It’s the most sparsely populated part of England so if you’re young and looking for excitement, I guess there’s only 2 choices: move or become creative! Well, vocalist / founder AJ certainly got a big dose of the latter and ended up creating one of the most impressive EPs this year combining electronica,punk and pop. Opening blaster ‘Rate My Hate’ is RATM, old school hardcore and electronica, while ‘Untitled’ combines punk pop with hardcore in an amazingly catchy groove. ‘Great And Inevitable’ is a 50:50 electronica / pop upbeat track enhanced by emo pop vox and wailing wall choruses whilst closer ‘Untitled Part 2’ is electronic rock all the way until the RATM screams ring in. Like I said, it’s an amazing effort combining several styles in a harmonious, well thought out blend that surely deserves to get them outta Cumbria LOL!

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