OUTLINE “Fire Whiplash”

“Fire Whiplash”
(Hells Headbangers)

Battle Helm Rating

Back in 2014 I reviewed Demona’s album “Speak With the Devil”. For some reasons it didn’t work out the way that Demona wanted and they split (or changed the name). But fear not because the story doesn’t end there. From the ruins of Demona comes OUTLINE. This seems to pick up where the previous band left in that this is old school speed metal. If you have an obsession with bands like Razor, Savage Grace and those kinda bands you will, like me, find this highly entertaining. This is pure old school nostalgia. But not in a bad way. This is still cool enough to attract those that weren’t around when speed metal was something to be talked about. And as much as this brings back memories it also creates new ones. Anders Ekdahl

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