OUTSHINE “Prelude To Descent”

“Prelude To Descent”
(Dead Tree Music)
This one I recognize from the logo. I have an album of theirs in my collection. Don’t think I liked it too much because I haven’t listened to it since I put it in its spot. OUTSHINE might have a name that brings the thoughts to Soundgarden’s “Outshined” but this is as far from Soundgarden as it is possible to come, if I remember correctly. But then I don’t really remember that much from our previous encounter. I’m not really a fan of bands like Dead By April or Volbeat even though I can see why people might like them. I get that same kind of feeling about this band. That they try to be something too much, trying to sit on too many chairs at once. And that is a shame. There is a groove and they got the melodies. It is just that I can’t get over that annoying feeling of something a little bit extra missing. Not a bad album by any stretch of the word and it will probably work very well in Germany but not really my cup of chocolate. Anders Ekdahl

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