OV HOLLOWNESS “The World Ends”

“The World Ends”
I like the fact that black metal isn’t just one thing. You can always discuss what is true and not true but in the end what matters is if the music is any good. In my book black metal can be anything and nothing. It is all up to how you like to see things. I somehow imagine that Canada would be a great place for black metal. The contrast between urban and the open landscapes would be a great place to create some of the most beautiful and atmospheric black metal the world ever seen. OV HOLLOWNESS are black metal in the more atmospheric end of the spectra without it going into ambient territory. If you could imagine how Bathory would have sounded had he not gone all Viking on us then you might get a feel for the grandeur that is “The World Ends”. Not that it is any way similar musically. It is just the feeling I get listening to this album. Anders Ekdahl

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