(Soulseller Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This band features live members of Taake and Gorgoroth. Two Norwegian black metal bands that I am not that familiar with. For some reason I never really bothered to check them out. I have had sporadic encounters with Gorgoroth on record but Taake is more of a blank. OVATE is not typical Norwegian black metal even though the spirit of it lingers like a guardian angel. This has more of that latter day Satyricon vibe. A bit more “relaxed” and with more of a groove. As much as I love old 90s Norwegian black metal I have come to like this style too. There is a charm to the groove of it. It is heavy and even though it isn’t at lightning speed it still moves forward in a steady pace. This one turned out to be a really cool debut and something I’ll keep my ears to the ground for. Anders Ekdahl

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