Overkill – “Live In Overhausen”

Overkill – “Live In Overhausen” CD/DVD/Blu-Ray (Nuclear Blast) 

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Well, it ain’t exactly Madison Square Garden, but when it’s Overkill, who gives a f–k ha ha! Probably still one of the most intense live thrash headliners around despite founders DD Verni and Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth being well into their 50s, Overkill are band that many may take for granted given their meat and potatoes style, but man, when you see them live, it’s a goddamn experience – to say the least!! Celebrating the band’s history given it’s the 25th anniversary of “Horrorscope” and 30th anniversary of debut “Feel The Fire”, Overkill may have chosen a rather strange city to record this 21 track live monster, but given their relentless touring over the years, clearly Overhausen was the right choice. Right in the heart of Germany’s heavy industrial Ruhr area where their thrash scene began with bands like Sodom and Kreator, clearly the rabid roaring Overhausen crowd of 1,600 know it too and respond in kind! With roadie (and Pissing Razors drummer) Eddy Garcia smashing the skins mightily impressively, this powering beast lets rip right from the get go, grabbing you by the scruff of the neck and shaking you as Ellsworth’s screams and shrills shred into you while Verni’s heavy, pulsating bass reverberates around your skull while the twin guitars of Dave Linsk and Derek Tailer knee cap you unison Overkill style ha ha! Formed in high school, named after Motorhead’s infamous album and rooted in 70s hard rock before evolving rapidly to include metal and punk, Overkill’s style, attitude and indeed, it’s material reflect this with balls deep riffs and face ripping speed while including catchy breaks, chunky hooks and plenty of groove. From classics like ‘Rotten To The Core’ to live rarities like ‘Kill At Command’, Overkill do their thang masterfullly in working the crowd like putty through the expert use of tempo shifts, style and mood changes and not forgetting Ellsworth’s raps – ever the frontman! It all ends beautifully if abusively in ‘Fuck You’ through its raw shredding guitars and punkish shout out with the crowd needing no encouragement whatsover to participate! A throwback to some, Overkill more than prove their worth on yet another top of the line release and yes, a big salutation must go to the Overhausen faithful for giving as good as they got ha ha!!!!

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