OVERLORDE SR “Medieval Metal Too”

“Medieval Metal Too”
(Heaven and Hell Records)
This is like a blast from the past. I might be totally off but I seem to remember this band’s name from the fanzine days. This is heavy metal the American way. If you like bands like Armored Saint and to some extent Malice and any other band that came from California in the 80s/90s before grunge killed off it all then you’re going to love this. I know I do. This is heavy metal the way I like it. A high paced tempo, a real heavy metal vocalist and guitars that scream out loud. This shows that American hardrock/metal wasn’t all about big hairs and banging as many girls as you could, with the music coming third or fourth on the list. This is metal for men with hair on the chest or for women that wear more make-up than the men. This is the real stuff and it is pretty darn good, no matter how old this material is. Timeless. Anders Ekdahl

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