Overthrow – “Adjust To Darkness”

Overthrow – “Adjust To Darkness” (Indie Recordings)

Hailing from Norway’s home of the oil rigs – Stavanger – Overthrow put out as much noise as these huge steel structures! Cooly blending in punk with the majestic metallic riffs of At The Gates and some excellent Entombed death n roll, Overthrow create a superb mix of passion and intensity that also shakes it on songs like ‘Phantom Hearts’, ‘Come Thunder’ and ‘Let Them Fall’. Ole Gaard’s vocals are hoarse and almost Lemmy like (thankfully without the warts lol – Ed) whilst his guitar work – along with Erlend Færevåg’s – is as intense in its styles as inspirations, drawing from the full range of punk, death and even thrash influences on the 11 fast n dirty tracks making up this eye catching debut.

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