OVERTURES “Entering The Maze”

“Entering The Maze”
(Sleaszy Rider)
In the last couple of months I’ve come upon more Italian bands than I ever thought existed. So if you think that the Italian metal scene starts and ends with Rhapsody in all its incarnations you so wrong that it isn’t even on the map. There are literally hundreds of Italian metal bands that deserves to be noticed. Starting with OVERTURES. This is progressive metal like we’ve heard by so many bands before OVERTURES. But that doesn’t make this album less interesting. If you like your metal progressive you might as well give this a chance. Who knows? This might turn out to be your favourite album of 2013. What I like about progressive metal is that it doesn’t care if it is thought of as pretentious. I can appreciate that don’t give a fuck kind of thinking. Too many of us are too tied up with what others might think about us. I really couldn’t give a fuck what people think about me. And that is what I get from listening to “Entering The Maze”. This is an album made for and by the band. Anders Ekdahl

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