Oz – “Burning Leather”

“Burning Leather”
(AFM Records)

Some people just can’t enough can they? Sweden’s Oz are that same metal band who started in the late 70s and released “Fire In The Brain” in 1983 (which I didn’t buy cos of its cheesy cover LOL). Well, nigh on 30 years on and Oz still have burning brains (or whatever’s left of them). “Burning Leather” is 11 tracks of raw heavy metal mayhem just how it was back then. Comprised of new and re-recorded classics like ‘Dominator’, ‘Fire In The Brain’ (told you) and ‘Turn The Cross Upside Down’, this is simply an OTT performance: I dunno old original vocalist Ape DeMartini (real name Tapani Hämäläinen – no wonder he changed it LOL) is but his high end vocals are truly astounding – just like when he was 20 years old! Joined by original drummer Mark Ruffneck (who still pummels) and guitarist Jay C. Blade (who still shreds – when he’s not soloing insanely), Oz even hooked up with award winning video director Amir Chamdin (who’s worked with The Hellacopters and The Cardigans) to produce a genuine 80s style heavy metal video. With a slot already booked at next year’s Sweden Rock Festival, it sounds like Oz are stoked to make a comeback as a heavy metal force in Scandinavia!

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