PAARA ”Riitti”

(ViciSolum Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

I missed out on PAARA’s debut album although the band name sound very familiar. This is Finnish band are heavily influenced by the 90s Norwegian black metal sound. Or so the bio says. But listening to the first track off this new album there are no traces of that. This is instead very Finnish. Melancholic and dark. Despair and misery in the deep forests. Winter and cold. Meter high with snow. The fact that they sing in Finnish does add to that cold northern feeling. And that was just the first track. This is feels like a really cold journey. I better put on my cold winter jacket. The black metal comes with the second track. Not that is got any warmer with that. It is still that cold, frozen to the core feel about this. I like what I hear. This is some really good black metal. Anders Ekdahl

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