PACT “The Dragon Lineage Of Satan”

“The Dragon Lineage Of Satan”
You might wonder how many black metal records you can take before you get sick to your stomach. My answer is that no black metal record can make your stomach ache; it can only give you feelings of pleasures. Which is exactly what Pact did to me. It might just be me but I sometimes just by looking at the cover knows if something will be good or not. When I saw the cover to “The Dragon Lineage Of Satan” I knew that this would be right up my sleeve. There is an old school feeling to this album that gives it a slight 80s feel. Not that I’m particularly nostalgic but I cannot get enough of that old school feeling. I like the rawness that Pact has on this album. It cuts like razors in my ears. A feeling that at any other time and place would be unbearable. Anders Ekdahl

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