Paddy And The Rats – “Riot City Outlaws”

Paddy And The Rats – “Riot City Outlaws” (Napalm Records) 

Battle Helm Rating

With enough to cause an international incident being a Hungarian version of an Irish Celtic punk band – right down to their names like ‘Paddy O’Reilly’ and ‘Seamus Connelly’ – nothing could prepare me for the awesome songs on this excellent album! Clearly not content to play second fiddle to the real deal, Paddy And The Rats already have 4 previous albums under their kilts and are probably their nation’s best, playing over 400 gigs across Europe (including Ukraine and Russia) which of course, has given them the experience and inspiration to write even more incredible material. Shrewdly concocting a killer mix of Dropkick Murphy’s Celtic punk with Green Day style punk pop, pirate metal and a hint of homegrown polka and gypsy, Paddy And The Rats deliver broadsides time and again with some of the most catchy songs I’ve heard this year, along with tender pieces that could set Céline Dion on fire and break the teenage hearts of any boy bands out there – bar none! Using the full arsenal of fiddles, bagpipes, accordions, whistles and banjos along with twin raw guitars and O’Reilly’s own impassioned vocals, “Riot City Outlaws” is 13 songs that will have you raucously dancing, loudly singing along, close to tears at times but soaring with uplifting passion from start to finish, completed by the top grade production of Grammy winner Cameron Webb (Motörhead, Megadeth, Social Distortion, Pennywise)! From the swashbuckling ‘Black Sails’ with its killer banjo, pop harmonies mixed with hardcore shout outs and O’Reilly’s rhyming vocals, you are sucked into this musical Bermuda Triangle with no hope of escape – and why would you want to when the rocking ‘Sail Away’ has so much gusto n passion, you could well indeed sail along with that very cool guitar all the way to the pacific just on the strength of this tune! Impressing even more was the slower but more epic ‘Castaway’ with its piano and O’Reilly in the lead, but brimming with deep emotion that burst in the chorus and indeed resonated powerfully throughout the track. And if its a yo ho ho that yer crave then ‘Where Red Paints The Ocean’ would certainly do that with its very suave fiddle and massive pulsating melody culminating in tidal wave chorus. Yes, it’s all been done before but “Riot City Outlaws” does it a whole lot more!!!!

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