PAGAN ALTAR “The Time Lord”

“The Time Lord”
(Shadow Kingdom Records)
I’ve only heard one side of split 7” before I received this album yet I’ve read tons of stuff about this band. From what I understand this isn’t a new recording but in fact an old, almost pre-historic one dating back to when the band was young and fresh in the 70s (some of you weren’t even born when these guys started). Pagan Altar might be the most forgotten about NWOBHM band ever to exist but there seem to be those hell bent on changing that. So don’t go expecting this to sound anywhere near modern. I am a huge fan of Witchfynde and this is pretty much in that same style. There is a bluesy touch to this that I like. I like that early NWOBHM sound of bands like Samson that isn’t just huge guitars and a pace faster than the speed of light (even though I love that too). This might not be the right place to discover Pagan Altar but I like it and I’m glad I got to hear this. Anders Ekdahl

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