PAGAN RITES “Preachers From Hell”

“Preachers From Hell”
(Unexploded Records)
I have fond memories of an old Pagan Rites LP on purple vinyl. I liked their old school black metal when I heard it back then and I’ll hopefully do so now too. Pagan Rites are old school like Gehennah was old school. Meaning that all is the 1980s and everything after doesn’t exist. I’m cool with that as long as you do it full on. No fucking half wits here, no sir. If you’re going to do it do it full. So if you like your black metal old then you need not look any further than Pagan Rites. This is as old school as I remember them to be. Think all old German black/thrash/death from the 80s and add all South American extreme metal you can think of from that same period and you get a pretty good idea where Pagan Rites are coming from. As somebody who likes all old German and South American bands this is just what the doctor ordered. Anders Ekdahl

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