PAGANIZER “Into The Catacombs”

“Into The Catacombs”
(Cyclone Empire)
For a band that is on its 8th album I am pretty new to them. I can’t even remember if I’ve heard a single album by them prior to this new one. Paganizer flies the banner of old school death metal high. This is death metal the way it sounded in the late 80s/early 90s when that whole genre exploded onto the scene only to never leave. That the band often comes under criticism for being unoriginal and boring shouldn’t put you off if you’re not familiar with them. I’m not one for nostalgia but there is an undeniable nostalgia factor to Paganizer’s death metal. But that alone will not a great album make. It needs something more. And I’m glad to inform you that that extra something is there to make this an album worth checking out if you like your death metal old and murky. Anders

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