PAGANIZER “World Lobotomy”

“World Lobotomy”
(Cyclone Empire)
I have no idea where this one fits in the discography of PAGANIZER, apart from it being the newest one. I have not tried to keep up with the band’s releases. I just jump in whenever I get a chance and settle for that. I don’t have the time to try and keep up with all the different releases they seem to spawn. Listening to PAGANIZER is for me like watching old Hammer films. You pretty much know that they will be done with the outmost caring and love but you also know that you will not be scared senseless by them. They will though entertain you in an orderly fashion. And there is nothing wrong with that. Why buy the pig unseen when you can go for the tried and tested. PAGANIZER delivers their death metal like they’ve done nothing but it. It is the most natural thing in the world – a new PAGANIZER album. Like the sun rising in the morning. Anders Ekdahl

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