Pain – “Coming Home”


Pain – “Coming Home” (Nuclear Blast Records)

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If you like your electro metal, then you’ll enjoy this sweetest of pain! Formed by multi instrumentalist vocalist (and renowned producer) Peter Tägtgren (of Hypocrisy fame) as a hobby (!) back in the late 90s, eight albums on and you’ve gotta be asking what’s going on? Well, Tägtgren’s blend of electro, djent, and techno fused into metal is just so unbelievably catchy and slick that there’s no denying its appeal! It’s like he’s taken the best of all the styles and intricately interwoven them to produce insanely memorable choruses and unforgettable melodies, all backed by balls out grooves and ass shaking dance rhythms. Am I insane?! Well don’t ask me but try guests like Sabaton’s Joakim Brodén, who pipes in on ‘Call Me’ with its hard chopping riffs contrasted beautifully with suave orchestrals – courtesy of Clemens Wijers (Carach Angren) – very cool indeed! Despite being five years on since his last release, Tägtgren hasn’t lost his touch as manifested by the brilliance of ‘Black Knight Satellite’ with its unforgettable keyboard melody and heavy raw riffing backdrop while anyone wanting heaviness should check out the dervish riffing of ‘Natural Born Idiot’, completed by some pounding drums from Tägtgren’s own son Sebastian. If you can get over not being confined to genre classifications then you’ll really enjoy what’s on offer here from the undisputed talent of Tägtgren!

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