PAINTED BLACK ”Raging Light”

”Raging Light”
(Wormhole Death)

Battle Helm Rating

I have a some labels that I value higher than others. Labels that not often lets me down. Wormhole Death is one of these labels. The labour that goes into running this label is infectious. You just gotta love the work that the label does. And then there is the music. So much cool metal has come my way over the years. This Portuguese band play a kind of gothic/doom metal that is introspective in an almost extreme metal version of System Of A Down if you can imagine that. Don’t go expecting a new My Dying Bride or a metal version of Sister of Mercy from this album. It is so far from that yet still within that ball park. This is not totally up my alley. I would have liked a better flow to the music but still good enough to listen to. Anders Ekdahl

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