PANDAEMONIUM “The last Prayer”

“The Last Prayer”
(IceWarrior Records)
For the longest of times I had this romantic notion of Pandaemonium being the greatest thing to come out of Italy since Rhapsody (Of Fire). That they would carry the banner of symphonic heavy metal higher than most other bands. That was before I got to hear anything by the band. It’s been 7 years since the last Pandaemonium album and that’s pretty much a life time for any band. So how does Pandaemonium fare in today’s metal world? This is just as romantic as I’d imagined. This is grand and pompous in a positive way. Not for everybody though, but if you like bands that are OTT then Pandaemonium is just right for you. This is metal that takes you to the skies and won’t let go of you until you’ve been taken on the journey of your life. This is metal that is so full of itself that you just gotta love it for that reason alone. There is nothing middle of the road to this metal and for that I salute Pandaemonium. Anders Ekdahl

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