Panikk – “Unbearable Conditions”

Panikk – “Unbearable Conditions” (Metal Tank Records)

If you like old school thrash a la early Exodus, Vio-lence or Sacred Reich then look no farther than this Slovenian band, who could cause an avalanche with their shredding brand of thrash! Massive waves of thrash riffola crush into you on songs like ‘Messiah Of Decay’, ‘The Wave Of Death’ and ‘Cruel World’ – all the classic riffs are there but even more there is hunger in the furor of these 4 young guys that is highly reminiscent of those early pioneer bands. Formed only a few years back Panikk have been touring heavily in their home country which has nicely honed their musicianship to match their precision with their brutality. All in all a fine debut for this promising band and their fledgling label!

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