Paradox – “Tales Of The Weird”

Paradox – “Tales Of The Weird” (AFM Records)

Formed in the ‘true’ metal region of Bayern and in the same year that “Master Of Puppets” was released, it comes as no surprise that Germany’s Paradox play thrash from the same formula – but even more so that they continue to do so today! Still fronted by main man vocalist / guitarist Charly Steinhauer, expect nothing less than razor sharp Metalli-riffola mixed in with meat hook Metalli-melodies and delivered with precision Metalli-musicianship on songs like ‘Day Of Judgement’, ‘Zeitgeist’ and ‘A Light In The Black’. In fact, I think they sound better now than they did back in the 80s lol! Originally touted as Germany’s answer to Ulrich & co, Paradox were beset by label problems and Steinhauer’s health, resulting in lay offs over the years that impeded the band’s progression onto bigger things. However, they have never lost their passion and stayed true to their roots as judged by the superior thrash of “Tales Of The Weird”, so continue to remain both respected and unforgotten in the underground, born in fire and still aflame!!!

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