Paragon – “Hell Beyond Hell”


Paragon – “Hell Beyond Hell” (Remedy Records)

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Hammering power / speed metal from Germany! One of Europe’s most enduring metal bands since its birth in 1990, Paragon returns with their 11th full-length now also marking the comeback of original founder Martin Christian on guitar!! Despite numerous line up changes, these guys are known all over Europe thanks to numerous continental tours and playing festivals in just about every country from Wacken to Sweden Rock to Hammerfest UK (Wales), Up The Hammers (Greece), Black´n´Thrash Inferno (Austria), DONG Open Air (Germany) – the list is endless!!! “Hell Beyond Hell” certainly lives up to its name: 10 tracks of uncompromising heavy metal to the max where aggression, heaviness and classy melodies come together blissfully in this headbangers’ paradise. Andreas Babuschkin is the perfect synthesis of Dave Coverdale’s manly vocals meets Udo’s cat screech, while the twin guitars of Jan Bertram and the aforementioned Martin Christian provide the drive in searing riffola, power melodies and blazing solos as Sören Teckenburg’s thundering drums kick a beat that simply can’t be ignored on epic, numbers like the pounding ‘Hypnotized’ or the stampeding wailing tremolo of ‘Stand Your Ground’ and even the slow but ultra heavy ‘Devil’s Waitingroom’. Graced by glorious singalong choruses, it doesn’t take a second to be drawn in by the catchy material, skillfully executed with class from this veteran band that deserve so much more. Produced by Piet Sielck of Iron Savior, who is arguably the sixth member of the band given he has been involved with almost every album, Paragon have masterfully returned with their strongest line up to date – and a first class album to match.

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