Parallel Minds – “Headlong Disaster”

parallel minds

Parallel Minds – “Headlong Disaster” (Brennus Music)

A longtime collaboration between cousins Stéphane Fradet (ex Falkirk) on vocals and Grégory Giraudo (Coexistence) handling all guitars, Parallel Minds is a mind blowing French trio who’ve arrived with this stunning debut! With Dagoba’s Franky Costanza providing the drums and Jacob Hansen handling the mastering, “Headlong Disaster” is no DIY affair but rather something you’d expect from a well known band well into their 3rd or 4th release!! I cannot overstate the talent here from the Fradet’s excelling vocals to the superior guitar work of Giraudo, but together its their mesmerizing song writing talent that takes the epic prog of Symphony X along with the modern metal of Iced Earth and just the right hint of Pink Floyd to create something truly special. Definitely one of the best new releases this year, Parallel Minds perfectly encapsulate heaviness with suave, flowing melodies carried superbly on sophisticated songs like ‘Ghost Of Sparta’ and ‘A 1000 Miles Away’. These guys even have the confidence to cover Scorpions ‘Coming Home’ in a ripping power version and Maiden’s ‘Only The Good Die Young’ given an epic prog whitewash with heaps of passion sure to set the heart of any true metalhead on fire – I mean, what balls these guys have! With Costanza’s precision drum work providing a solid driving force and thanks to Hansen’s expert production the album has a big professional sound that most band debuts can only dream of, but much more than that, it rocks with so much energy and class that it’s hard to ignore this elite release – and that’s just the way it should be!

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