Paralydium – “Worlds Beyond”

Paralydium – “Worlds Beyond” (Frontiers Music)
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Founded by guitarist John Berg and featuring bassist Jonathan Olsson and drummer Georg Härnsten Egg, all currently or formerly of Dynazty, this should give you a pretty good idea of what Paralydium are all about: superior prog hard rock with a mystical edge! Formed in 2015, they released an EP called “The Paralydium Project” and since then the ideas for this full blown debut has been on the cards. Well, I’m really pleased to say the 9 tracks don’t disappoint whatsoever. In fact, they impress all the more through the superb musicianship creating an innovative mixture of hard catchy riffs, dazzling futuristic prog melodies and heavy rolling grooves that will have no trouble in transferring you to the stars! Indeed, as Egg’s thumping drums and Mikael Blanc’s pumping prog keys kick in the rhythm on ‘Within The Sphere’, the soulful vocals of Mikael Sehlin (Degradead, ex-Septima, Engel, ex-Monoscream) exude the beauty to lines like ‘ my dreams I see a new tomorrow..’ in beckoning you with heart-warming grace before Blanc and Berg take it in turns to solo you out with their keyboards and guitars – awesome. Opening to starstruck melodic keys and an exotic, eastern atmosphere on ‘Synergy’, it doesn’t take long before the pace picks up through Egg’s double bass beats and smashing cymbals interacting brilliantly with hard, crunching riffs, suave bass lines and hyper speed soloing, although Sehlin’s own power and passion is simply overwhelming over all the instruments as he soars like a god over the chorus. With Blanc’s keyboards taking the lead in ‘Finding The Paragon’, the groove is simply stoked with exciting musical energy through the pumping drums and driving guitars that are all brought to bear on the dramatic chorus topped off by Sehlin’s once again unforgettable vocals. Keeping the momentum on ‘The Source’, the atmosphere is incredible through the bejewelled mix of melodies, Olsson’s prominent, slapping bass and the guitars and drums creating a chopping djent like rhythm interspersed brilliantly by keyboard and guitar injections of mesmerising prog and hard rock magic, while Sehlin remains the one constant throughout in his ceaseless vocal passion – unbelievable. Ending in ‘Seeker Of The Light’, which opens quietly through its gentle keys and soothing vocals, the power of the guitars and drums soon adds the fire, although nothing can prepare you for the huge, heart breaking chorus whose energy is fed through fast wailing solos and even more bountiful keyboard melodies that will leave you breathless. As spectacular as it sounds, “Worlds Beyond” truly lives up to its title in every regard!
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