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Battle Helm Rating

Okay. Another of my pet peeves, split singles and albums. I can tolerate them if they come on vinyl because then there are two sides to the coin but on CD. No thanks. I don’t think I am familiar with either PARAMNESIA nor ULTHA. One being a French progressive black metal band inspired by a bunch of Canadian black metal bands I hardly have heard of. The other being a German black metal band inspired by Emperor, Leviathan and Neurosis. That is the basics for this review. PARAMNESIA’s track is like one long painful birth. From the start to the finish you sit like on nails not knowing what will come next. It is an emancipating experience listening to this track. ULTHA on the other hand are much more soft. After that first track this is like cotton to your ears. Gently the music touches your ears and little by little you the nauseating pain settles. This split contains two very different black metal bands. There is no risk of ever confusing one for the other. But it also make for a rather interesting split. You get subjected to two very different styles. As much as I don’t like splits as much do I actually like this. Anders Ekdahl

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