PARASIGHT ” At leve som hvis der var et håp”

” At leve som hvis der var et håp”

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Danish D-beat punk. Danish punk was a cool thing in the 80s. Very political. Much thanks to the Copenhagenian punks who occupied a house that they turned into a youth center. Being a Swede that was something that was totally unthinkable of in Sweden. So it was with some envy that the Swedish punks looked on. But times changed and the youth center was torn down. But not without protests. Fast forward to 2018 and the release of PARASIGHT’s second album. This is music for us that misses Anti Cimex. Or Black Uniforms. Or Moderat Likvidation. This is full force, in your face, up yours mate punk, or D-beat. There is nothing conformist about this at all. Super cool. Anders Ekdahl

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