Past The Fall – “From Insanity’s Ruin”

Past The Fall – “From Insanity’s Ruin” (Horus Music)
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Wow – this must be the best new British metal band I’ve heard in years!!! Saying that, Past The Fall have actually been going for close to a decade, during which time they’ve released a number of singles and EPs, as well as toured Europe, Mexico and the US sharing stages with Hirax and Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens! Centred around the core of bassist/vocalist Will Wright and guitarist/vocalist Thomas Cope, who’ve known each other since they were 12 years old, this would explain why this band is just so tight and able to pull off eclectic mixes that few other novices would dare to consider! “From Insanity’s Ruin” is the culmination of all their experience to date and mightily demonstrated across the 10 tracks there showing mixes of thrash, groove and even hardcore tinges. However, it’s the virtuosic neo classical sprints, masterful ambience and catchy, flowing melodies that really sink the hooks into this impressive music, which never lets up thanks to its unpredictable arrangements, such is the confidence of the band in being able to take you masterfully through their mesmerising journey. Hammering in brutally on ‘Drainer’ with heavy chopping riffs and drum work,  throat strained vocals contrast brilliantly with spiritual wailings as the dark melodies exude their ominous grip before expertly turning into neo classical brilliance before building into a climatic finale. Thrashing in on ‘Above The Negative’, it’s the massively catchy power chords that really sink their big claws in while Cope’s wailing virtuosity once again adds even more splendour to the galloping intensity. With the chundering of ‘Beholden’ contrasting superbly with the dual vocal harmonies showing the band’s lighter side brilliantly, Cope’s guitar work delivers an even more impressive mix of rock, metal and neo classical pieces intelligently spread across the number although sensibly not forgetting the massive main riff that keeps the headbanging momentum going – man, it really is that good! With ambitions set to undertake a 6 month world tour next year, it is long past overdue for the world to awaken to the brilliance of Past The Fall.
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