Battle Helm Rating

Swedish punk is one of my small treats. I wish that more Swedish punk releases was sent my way, or punk releases in general. Ever since I heard Ebba Grön back in 1978 I’ve been hooked on punk. I am not gonna lie and say that I have the greatest check on what is going on in the world of punk but I do know if something is good or not. And to my ears PASTORATET are classic Swedish melodic punk. Unfortunately all my references are stuff like Asta Kask and Strebers and Dia Psalma. I have never understood the point of doing a 4 track EP if you are a punk band, or any sort of band for that matter. It feels like it is over even before it has started. This is the singalong punk I like, upbeat and with a great groove. This I could listen to over and over again. And since this is just an EP that is what I must do. Anders Ekdahl

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