PATHOGEN “Forged In The Crucible Of Death” + “Lust Of Evil”

“Forged In The Crucible Of Death”
“Lust Of Evil”
(Old Temple)
PATHOGEN is one of these bands that come to me as a blank slate. Given the opportunity to hear two records by them is just like being on a really great trip. That will allow me to form a better opinion on the band and its sound. “FITCOD” is very much old school death metal. Perhaps with a slight Swedish touch. But as I like that kind of sound this one sits like a kick in the balls I remember that in the 80s/90s I tried to explore the metal scene on the Philippines but I don’t think I got that far. Sol it is nice to get to hear some old school death metal from that place. Everything about this releases scream old school. Some really cool death metal. “Lust Of Evil” seem to collect from different (demo) recording sessions as well as include two covers by bands that I have never heard of (and will therefore not comment on). This is as old school as the previous album. And while it is still basically more of the same you can’t get too much of this stuff. Old school death metal never grows old. Anders Ekdahl

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