Patria – “Individualism”


Patria – “Individualism” (Indie Recordings)

Ultra decadent black metal from the misty mountains of southern Brazil! Patria was formed in 2008 by multi-instrumentalist Mantus and vocalist Triumphsword, who between them have put out no less than 4 prior albums prior to being joined by second guitarist Igniis Inferniis, bassist Stormbringer and drummer Abyssius. Despite coming from South America, the band have an almost exclusively old school Scandinavian black metal sound going back to classic bands like Darkthrone and Ulver along with some powerful Norse melodies a la Enslaved. “Individualism” takes us back to the early 90s, recorded in the vein of the primitive, raw style as it was back then with screaming banshee vocals, blast beats and some of the most malevolent riffs ever, all impressively arranged with those aforementioned melodies and other sounds like macabre pianos to give songs like ‘Blood Storm Prophecy’, ‘Uncrowned God Of Light’ and ‘Orphan of Emptiness’ that pure, uncompromising passion vividly captured by those pioneering bands! With a special guest appearance from Brazilian composer Fabiano Penna, artwork handled by Costin Chioreanu (Absu, Mayhem and Arcturus) and mastered by Borknagar’s Oystein G. Brun in Norway, Patria have earned the respect of their Scandinavian elders, an achievement few could hope for, let alone attain.

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