Patria – “Nihil Est Monastica”

Patria – “Nihil Est Monastica” (Drakkar Productions)

Heil to the boys from Brazil. Patria is the latin for ‘Fatherland’ and if you transplanted the Norwegian forests to South America then the mountain city in the Andes known as Carlos Barbosa would be the home of Mantus, Triumphsword, Kehrwald and Käffer, descendants of early German settlers. With a heavy Burzum influence the theme here is very much based on early Nordic black metal with a hint of Brazil. Red raw vocals, grim nihilistic riffs and blast beat rhythms scourge the likes of ‘Ravens Almighty’, ‘Conquering Death’s Palace’ and a cover of Sarcófago’s ‘Black Vomit’. It’s all been heard before but the vision of Varg Vikernes’s primitive volksong has been felt thousands of miles away and now perfected by his disciples into pure black metal mayhem and fed back to the hordes in Europe contemplating the fall of civilization.

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