Patriot Rebel – “Two Worlds”


Patriot Rebel – “Two Worlds” EP (

Comin at ya like a freight train! England’s Patriot Rebel have one of these colossal sounds that’s hard to ignore. Even if Paul Smith’s vocals are a tad on the girlie side, the twin guitars of Gaddy n Marsh sound like a Harley battling it out with a JCB on big rock out songs like ‘What Goes Around’, ‘Come Of Age’ and the aptly named ‘The Storm’. Raging riffola melded around melody with a driving rhythm to boot, Patriot Rebel deffo don’t hold back in revving the power, yet also hold your attention with some catchy licks and fist banging anthems. Formed in the summer of 2007 as a couple of mates playing ‘open mic’ nights in Nottingham it wasn’t long before their explosive shows built their reputation to ultimately sell out the infamous Rock City! An excellent prospect, it won’t be long before the rest of the UK feel the heat from the high energy rock unleashed by Patriot Rebel!

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